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KPCC is a mission-focused, member-supported public media network. We are one of the largest and most innovative NPR flagship stations in the United States. LAist’s mission is to explain L.A. We believe that you deserve great local news — and that we need your help to find those stories. We listen to what you’re curious about, what keeps you up at night, and who you want held accountable.

LAist Studios exists to reflect the values of LA, and the incredible diversity of people who live them. We create world-class podcasts and on-demand audio news, information and storytelling that moves people emotionally and socially. And we do it by identifying creators with new voices and fresh ideas, young people of color often locked out of mainstream media. LAist Studios is a creative home for what’s next and who’s next. We exist to tell LA stories to the world.

Engage with us at and, on Twitter @kpcc @laist, and on Instagram @laistpics

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