ONA21 presenters have some of the most innovative ideas in journalism. See the full list of presenters, moderators and participants below. You'll find the sessions in which they participated on speakers' individual pages.


Alexandra Blair

Journalism + Design


Allison Lichter

Journalism + Design


Andrew Lih



Anusha Alikhan

The Wikimedia Foundation


Ashleé Clark

Louisville Public Media


Ashley Alvarado

Southern California Public Radio


Bianca Consunji



Bobby Blanchard

The Texas Tribune


Caio Almeida



Cathy Straight

CNN Digital


Chris Lloyd

Reviewed/USA TODAY


Cole Goins

Journalism + Design


Dani Kwateng

Teen Vogue


Darla Cameron

Texas Tribune


Darwin BondGraham

The Oaklandside


David Plazas

USA TODAY Network Tennessee


Dawn Rhodes

Block Club Chicago


Diana Lopez

Online News Association


Donna Carrera

The New York Times


Emily Ristow

American Press Institute


Ethan Zuckerman

UMass Amherst


Faye Teng

The Philadelphia Inquirer


Fiona Morgan

American Journalism Project


Gregory Lee

The Boston Globe


Hannah Haynes

Wisconsin Public Radio


Harlo Holmes

Freedom of the Press Foundation


Heba Aly

The New Humanitarian


Irving Washington

Online News Association


Ja’Nel Johnson

Solutions Journalism Network


Jacob Simas

The Oaklandside


Jamal Jordan



Jami Floyd

New York Public Radio


Jason Tuohey

The Boston Globe


Jennifer Mizgata

Online News Association


Jessica Seib



Jingyao Yu

Resolve Philly


Joy Mayer

Trusting News


Julie Moos

National Press Club Journalism Institute


Kat Chow

Seeing Ghosts (Grand Central Publishing)


Kelly Brennan

Lenfest Local Lab @ The Inquirer


Kelsey McKinney

Defector Media


Kevin Grant

The GroundTruth Project


Kevin Merida

Los Angeles Times


Ki Sung

MindShift at KQED


Koreel Lahiri

Media Development Investment Fund


Kristen Hare

The Poynter Institute


Kristine Villanueva

Resolve Philly


Lauchlin Fields

Mississippi Today


Loretta Chao

American Journalism Project


Marcos Marin

El Planeta Media


Maria Carrillo

Tampa Bay Times


Mariya Karimjee


@Maynard Institute

Martin Reynolds

Robert C Maynard Institue for Journalism Education


Millie Tran

Condé Nast


Natalie Van Hoozer

KUNR Public Radio / SembraMedia


Nation Hahn



Niala Boodhoo



Oliver-Ash Kleine

Trans Journalists Association


Patrick Garvin

Missouri School of Journalism


Pierre Conti

Meedan. Co-founder, Workbench.


Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford


Rhon Flatts

NowThis News


Sandister Tei

Wikimedia Foundation


Sara Lomax-Reese

WURD Radio


Sarah Schmalbach

The Lenfest Lab @ The Inquirer


Sheetal Vyas

International Fund for Public Interest Media


Sonali Verma

The Globe and Mail


Tereza Verenca

Glacier Media


Tran Ha

Tiny Collaborative

Speakers In Sponsored Sessions

The following speakers were on panels proposed by some of ONA21's sponsors. Some went through the competitive Midway application process, while others were invited by ONA21 supporters to offer their perspectives on issues of importance to our community.


Aaron Sharockman



Alan Ramos



Baybars Örsek

International Fact-Checking Network


Becca Aaronson

News Product Alliance


Brenna Crosby



Charity Brown

The Washington Post


Danielle Woodward

The Arizona Republic


Ellie Austin

The Wall Street Journal


Emily Prapuolenis

The Wall Street Journal


Felecia Wellington



Genie Ko



George Stanley

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; USA TODAY Network


Gregg Castano

News Direct


Heidi Legg

Harvard IQSS


Julia Campbell

The Branded Content Project


Katherine Finnerty

The Wall Street Journal


Keren Goldshlager



Kim Last

The Wall Street Journal


Lorie Hearn



Mary Nahorniak



Michelle Ma

The Wall Street Journal


Nick Cicero



Nicole Flynn



Rakesh Agrawal



Ronny Hermosa



Sana Farooqui



Shandra Naegle



Sue Suh



Tony Haile



Willa Crolius

TCS Interactive