Journalism and Cultural Literacy: Addressing Racial Blind Spots in News

  • Tuesday, Jun 22 – 1:15 PM – 2 PM ET (17:15 – 18 UTC)
  • #ONA21
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In the wake of a pandemic year suffused with anti-Asian violence — including, but far from limited to, March’s devastating mass shooting in Atlanta — Asians and Asian Americans are rightfully demanding fairer, more accurate reporting about and for their communities. This reflects a general pattern of how mainstream media covers a crisis moment in communities of color.

Attend this best-practices session to learn how to build the necessary cultural literacy to address racial blind spots in your work and halt the pernicious xenophobia that plagues all social institutions, including digital journalism.

Content warning: This session will discuss racial incidents that some attendees may find distressing.

This session is designed for:

  • Journalists working in and covering Asian and Asian American communities
  • Newsroom leaders who would like to better understand the cultural blind spots impairing their work
  • Everyone interested in centering their coverage using a racial equity lens