[Career Day] Leading a Newsroom with Trust at the Center

  • Monday, Jun 21 – 2 PM – 2:30 PM ET (18 – 18:30 UTC)
  • #ONA21
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This session is brought to you by The Trust Project

In today’s fraught news environment, building trust is journalism’s guiding star — but a newsroom with trust at the center is about more than greater transparency and accountability in their content. From recruitment to day-to-day management and mentoring, cultivating a culture of trustworthiness begins internally at the structure of a newsroom.

Leaders from two organizations at the cutting edge of innovation – one person on the editorial side, and one focusing on business concerns — share their expert insights. Whether you are looking or leading, this session is for you.


Jenny Uechi

Lorie Hearn
CEO and Editor, inewsource