Internet of Owners: Infrastructure for Media 3.0

Creating a new, much larger market, offering fair rewards and rights protection to all content creators and distributors.

Online media market is not sustainable: most of 200 million active sites on the web earn less than $60 / year, and those in top 2% earn ~$60,000/per year on average, while few distributors take over half of the adspend earnings (~$150 B in 2020). Over-centralization hinders new investments into the industry and leads to constant market shrinking.

The proposed solution is in the alternative market created by the members of the new media network. Such a new network may be built on trust and shall be owned by all content creators and distributors (like a global coop), offering everyone a chance to express freely and earn fair and instant rewards.

PUBLIQ introduces a new working model built on its protocol level solution for independent media enterprising. It safeguards identities and IP rights of members, guaranteeing that usage of the content constantly and fairly benefits its creator. Users benefit from free authentic content while their feedback shapes the reputation-share of the authors and publishers. PUBLIQ helps businesses reach their target audiences within its network, collects and distributes total advertising revenue to authors and publishers according to their real-time shares.

PUBLIQ functions on proprietary blockchain, AI and other protocol level solutions which facilitate functionality, flexibility, security and trust. The proprietary algorithms help distribute the wealth thus eliminating any human interference in the rating and remuneration process.

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