Reconsidering revenue-sharing: It’s time the news industry had its fair share [Sponsored]

Bubblr, Inc. has been on a seven-year journey to “fix a broken internet.” As an ethical technology start-up on the verge of becoming a global technology player, our goal remains to bring ethics back to the technology sector and level the playing field for the internet’s key stakeholder groups.

Bubblr’s purpose in partnering with ONA21 is to engage with the news industry and tackle why news providers are not fairly rewarded for the content they create.

We want to challenge the economics of free content in a digital world and how big tech and the ad-tech industry are strangling journalism. At Bubblr, we share revenue 50/50 with our content network and provide our technology at no cost to our partners to curate their content to their readership and reward them for it. And we are looking to do more.

We will disrupt and provide net-new technology for digital media with an economic model that works for everyone, not just a few — but we need your input.

We know that it’s time that the news industry had its fair share, but what does that look like?

The current economic model for the internet revolves around three groups: people who use it to search for information, services and products; those who create quality content and who should be fairly rewarded for their efforts; and online suppliers who would like to use it as a marketing tool and marketplace. Right now, the current experience for all-but-a-few stakeholders is poor. Users’ identifiable data is tracked, harvested and even weaponized; content creators dependent on ad-tech dollars are being squeezed for pennies, and businesses can only hope to compete online if they have big budgets for programmatic advertising.

Bubblr wants to share its newly patented economic model — the Ad-Free Marketplace. This is a flat fee, subscription-based alternative to auction-based digital advertising. This model provides a superior stakeholder experience that is both fair and sustainable for everyone. User privacy is protected, with no data harvesting or personal tracking. Businesses of all sizes can compete based on how well they can fulfill customers’ needs rather than how much they have in their marketing budgets. And news providers are rewarded for the quality content they produce, without the need for any third-party ad placements.

The global pandemic has further deepened the economic crisis journalism is facing, but the need for credible, local news is larger than ever.

Bubblr’s Plan for a More Ethical Internet

We want to help. We value the news industry’s input about what we have to offer — free technology to directly engage your reader base and support growth while introducing a new revenue stream to complement your current income.

We are bringing together a panel of experts at ONA21 for a roundtable discussion about these questions and more on Tuesday, June 22 at 2 p.m. ET (6 p.m. UTC), and invite you to be a part of the conversation in the accompanying live chat.

We also welcome you to visit us in the ONA21 Midway on Grip. Send us a note or schedule a chat with our team members anytime throughout ONA21. Can’t wait ‘til the conference? Visit for more information or email to schedule a zoom.