10 students selected for the ONA21 Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab

Congratulations to the ten students selected for the ONA21 Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab. Since 2009, the student newsroom has provided undergraduate and graduate students the unique opportunity to work with experienced mentors in an immersive digital media environment during and before the annual Online News Association Conference. The ONA21 Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab […]

Navigating the ONA21 schedule

The ONA21 schedule officially launched June 3 with the majority of our sessions and networking opportunities programmed. That means you can now get started planning your daily schedule for the June 22-25 event. Over four days, we’ll host over 50 sessions and meetups and offer something for every journalist, audience professional, product manager, technologist and newsroom […]

Meet the 8 members of the ONA21 Start-Up Alley

Much like Vanilla Ice, start-ups exist because someone (or someones!) saw a problem and decided to solve it. They’re tenacious disrupters, seeing solutions to challenges or ways to fill a critical gap. ONA created the Start-Up Alley as part of our Midway exhibit and networking space, to connect companies founded in the past two years […]

Grab that ONA21 swag

One of the hallmarks of the Online News Association’s annual conference — for longtime attendees and first-timers alike — is the feeling of a family reunion. Since no family reunion would be complete without the commemorative T-shirt, we’re excited to launch the ONA21 Swag Shop! You can order T-shirts (in a variety of styles and […]

ONA21 schedule preview

Later this week, the Online News Association will unveil a partial schedule for ONA21, our annual gathering of journalists, technologists and educators. Here’s a brief preview of what to expect. On Monday, June 21, we will host a Career Day – a free event for job seekers and recruiters to connect and chat. From Tuesday, […]