Navigating the ONA21 schedule

The ONA21 schedule officially launched June 3 with the majority of our sessions and networking opportunities programmed. That means you can now get started planning your daily schedule for the June 22-25 event.

Over four days, we’ll host over 50 sessions and meetups and offer something for every journalist, audience professional, product manager, technologist and newsroom leader. Our events increasingly blend learning and networking opportunities, but here are a few key tips for navigating the schedule.

Find the sessions and events that speak to you

The conference is organized around four focus areas, with each educational session sorted to appeal to:

Session topics are naturally porous, and you may find many that appeal to you, but the lists above should help you quickly find priority sessions out of the dozens we’re offering.

Build your professional development

ONA21 learning opportunities, coded orange on the schedule, offer best practices and vision-setting conversations. Some are lean-back experiences, like the 14th Annual Tech Trends in Journalism event, which will be delivered live on June 24.

Others are high-impact case studies such as the Boston Globe-led When to Unpublish: Should the Internet Be Forever? (June 23). This session has been prerecorded and will feature speakers interacting with attendees in our vibrant live text chat.

We’ll also have highly interactive conference workshops, which take place within video conferencing environments and allow for discussion, like the session Gendered Language in Media: A Collaborative Style Guide Workshop (June 23). Spaces like this allow for granular, small group collaboration.

As always, we’ll feature our hugely-popular Table Talks, such as ONA21’s timely Table Talks: Ensuring Information Access Equity in Our Communities (June 23). These sessions are cooperative solutions-gathering opportunities designed to provide attendees the space to address pressing issues.

Every session includes a note about who it’s for (though, we always encourage you to explore beyond your role and focus areas!) and audience participation levels to help you know what to expect when you get in the room.

Meet your next business partner, great hire or BFF

ONA21 networking events, coded green on the schedule, offer a range of experiences including professionally-oriented social receptions like the Women’s Leadership Accelerator Reception (June 24) and the Potluck for Journalism Educators (June 23).

We have some just-for-fun events to spark joy and creativity. New this year: These fun events include the ONA Book Club sessions—author chats featuring recently published books from journalists, such as Jamal Jordan’s Queer Love in Color (June 23).

If you’re exploring career opportunities or just eager to mingle with the ONA community before the conference kicks off, don’t miss the ONA Career Day on June 21. Career Day connects job seekers and employers with open positions to help you find your next gig or hire some amazing talent. This pre-conference event is open to all and doesn’t require ONA21 registration; sign up for the free Networking Pass to join.

Get your conference pass

No matter what your conference goals are, ONA21 has something for you. Register now to take advantage of everything the conference has to offer.

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